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You can help to make this website an even better one.

If you have any pictures of any of our players, you can post them here so that they can be used on the 'Players and Coaches' page.

Any latest news you know about can be posted here, to make the 'Latest News' page even more informational.

Any images of matches you have can be posted here so that they can be used on the 'Images' page.

You can post news about the latest injuries and suspensions our players have, so that the information can be used in the 'Match Previews' or 'Latest News' pages.

Any information of upcoming games that you post here will be used on the 'Results and Fixtures' page.

You can post links of highlights so that they can be used on the 'Al Shorta TV' website.

You can post the latest transfer rumours or done deals that will be used on the 'Latest News' or 'Transfers 2012-13' pages.

If there is any incorrect or un-updated news on this site, inform me and it will be changed.

If you can do any of the above or any other helpful things, it would be much appreciated, and your input will be used on this website to make it an even better site!

Thank you.

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