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Unfortunately, the last match was very bad

However the referee incorrectly disallowed a goal from Jassim Mohammed

So we should have won the match 1-0

The referee said the ball was off the pitch, but clearly it was not! This picture shows the ball was still on the pitch and the referee was incorrect!

The next match is against Karkh on Monday

I think we will win the match 1-0

To answer your question Hamza my friend, I have all the results from Shorta vs Karkh from 2001 until 2016

The recent results with Karkh are as follows:

19 January 2001: Shorta 0-1 Karkh (no video)

15 May 2001: Shorta 2-1 Karkh (no video)

14 December 2001: Shorta 2-0 Karkh (no video)

3 February 2002: Shorta 3-0 Karkh (no video)

22 March 2002: Shorta 2-1 Karkh (no video)

13 December 2002: Shorta 3-1 Karkh (no video)

30 January 2002: Shorta 2-1 Karkh (no video)

28 October 2005: Shorta 2-1 Karkh (

6 January 2006: Shorta 3-0 Karkh (no video)

6 January 2010: Shorta 2-2 Karkh (

5 May 2010: Shorta 0-1 Karkh (no video)

27 November 2010: Shorta 0-0 Karkh (no video)

14 March 2011: Shorta 0-0 Karkh (no video)

23 November 2011: Shorta 0-0 Karkh (

25 April 2012: Shorta 1-0 Karkh (

4 December 2013: Shorta 2-0 Karkh (

1 June 2014: Shorta 2-2 Karkh (

Therefore from 2001-2016:

10 wins for Shorta

2 wins for Karkh

5 draws

26 goals for Shorta

11 goals for Karkh

Unfortunately I do not have all the results from 1990-2001

I hope this is helpful for you my friend

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Congratulations, fantastic 4-0 victory

Amjad Kalaf has now scored 60 goals for shorta in his career

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The team moving in the right direction

I think the next best


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Hello my friends

It has been a long time since I came to these forums, I am glad to be back

Shorta team right now is a good team

But I do not think it is good enough to win the league title

In my opinion, we should try to win Iraqi FA Cup

This is within our capabilities

If we win the Iraqi FA Cup, we will qualify to the AFC Cup (possibly the AFC Champions League)

So this should be the biggest priority for our club

Also we have never won the cup in our history so we need to win it soon

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In my opinion, league title this season will go to Jawiya

Jawiya has a strong team with many internationals like Humam, Bashar, Hammadi, Amjad Radhi and other good players

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Welcome my friend again


I think we are at the beginning of the road ,

I think al_shorta will compete on the cup + Iraqi League

But Jawiya I think very difficult to continue winning in the 36 rounds

This club's many problems, and I knew them well


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I think Jawiya also has the best manager in the league (Basim Qasim)

Also Amanat Baghdad is a good team and they have won all their matches so far

The league this season is exciting with many contenders for the championship

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Welcome back hashao my friend

I think the strongest teams this season are Naft Wasat and Jawiya

Amanat Baghdad, Shorta, Talaba and Zawraa also have a chance to succeed

I have updated the website now and have added match reports for the last two games :)

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Soon I will change the design of the website

Maybe in a few days or a few weeks

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