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Now it is the vote for the best goal of the season

Goal 1: Ibrahim Naeem against Najaf (

Goal 2: Amjad Atwan against Erbil (

Goal 3: Amjad Kalaf against Erbil (

Goal 4: Nabeel Sabah against Karbalaa (

Goal 5: Ali Faez against Najaf (

Goal 6: Nabeel Sabah against Najaf (

Goal 7: Waleed Salem against Amanat Baghdad (

Goal 8: Ahmad Salah against Karbalaa (

Goal 9: Amjad Kalaf against Talaba (

Goal 10: Ali Faez against Zawraa (

Vote here:

After you vote, come back to the forums and say who you voted for

In my opinion, it is very close between Goal 8 (Ahmad Salah) and Goal 10 (Ali Faez)

But in the end I decided to vote for Ahmad Salah

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Ali Faez vs. Al Zawraa



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Ali Faez goal against Zawraa the best

I also like Nabeel Sabah against Najaf

But Ali Faez is still the best goal

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Winner of the vote: Ali Faez against Zawraa

It was very close between Ali Faez, Ahmad Salah and Nabeel Sabah

But Ali Faez is the winner

Congratulations, Ali Faez winner of both of the votes

Thank you all for voting

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