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I am interested to hear your opinions about Nashat Akram

He left our club to join our rivals Arbil for the AFC Cup

Arbil lost their last two games in the AFC Cup and may not qualify to the next stage, they are in bad form in the league and the cup

Do you wish that Nashat Akram stayed at Shorta and helped us to win the cup instead? Or do you think he was correct to leave our club because of what happened to Ayad Bunyan?

What are your opinions?

March 22, 2015 at 7:13 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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I still love Nashat Akram

I was disappointed when he left, but I understand and agree with his decision

Nashat is forever a shorta legend, hopefully he will come back one day but I think it is unlikely with the current management

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Hamza Al Shorta Liverpool
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I'm sure

Will not return to the club never


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I agree

He will never return to the club as long as Riyadh Abdul Abbas is the president

I wish for Ayad Bunyan to return :( only in my dreams

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