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Al Shorta Sports City

On this page, you can find updates about the construction of Al Shorta's new home ground, called Al Shorta Sports City, and you will be able to view pictures of the sports city whilst it is in construction as well as plans for what it will look like when it is completed. Make sure to check this page regularly for updates!

LATEST UPDATE: 11th October 2014 - The digging of the foundations for Al Shorta Sports City has begun. Al Shorta will use Baghdad S.C. Stadium for their first few home games of the league season as Al Shaab Stadium is currently not in a good enough state to host any matches. Once Al Shaab Stadium is ready, Al Shorta will use it for the rest of their home league games.

Al Shorta Stadium was demolished in April, as shown below:


Al Shorta Sports City - the details

The sports city is being built by a Swedish company called Nordic Sport and is based in the same area as the old stadium (Al Shorta Stadium) was. The pitch that matches will be played on will measure approximately 110 metres by 72 metres. It is expected that there will be 10218 comfortable plastic seats inside the stadium, as well as rooms for officials and referees. There will also be a room for interviews and a VIP room. There will be stands on all four sides of the stadium and the main stand will have a roof over it. Right next to the playing field will be a training field where the players will train every week and there will be an athletics track around this field. There will be a swimming pool and a sports hall for basketball, volleyball and handball as well as some tennis courts. For entertainment, there will be a restaurant, a cafeteria, a club shop, gardens and fountains and a four-star hotel along with a two-story building for staff to conduct meetings in. Rather than calling it a stadium, it is called Al Shorta Sports City, because, as you can see, there is much more than just a stadium and it is effectively a 'sports city'. The whole project will cost over 22 million pounds.

Here are some pictures of what the city should look like by the end of its construction (which is expected to be in around 810 days' time):

This is a video (in Arabic) describing Al Shorta Sports City:

Al Shorta Stadium

Coordinates: 33°20?23?N 44°26?08?E

Al Shorta Stadium held around 7000 to 10000 people and was opened in 1983. It had two pitches (a playing field and a training field) and its white hall on the side of the training field could hold about 2000 people. The stands were green and white. It was heavily criticised for its poor playing surface and its lack of plastic seats in the stadium; fans sat or stood on stairs rather than seats.

The stands of the stadium have been demolished as Swedish company Nordic Sport have begun to construct a new, more modern stadium which will have 10218 plastic seats, a four-star hotel and other sports facilities.

This stadium will forever remain in the hearts of Al Shorta fans.

Below are some pictures of the stadium:

Below are three pictures of the stadium whilst it was being constructed. It was built by volunteers and Al Shorta fans and staff at the club, making the stadium even more special. Abdul-Kadir Zeinal, Al Shorta's manager from 1975 to 1979, was the man who came up with the idea of building the stadium and the supporters approved of the idea and helped to build the stadium. After a few years of construction, the stadium was opened in 1983.

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